Invasion: The Lost Chapters par D.C. Alden

Invasion: The Lost Chapters par D.C. Alden

Titre de livre: Invasion: The Lost Chapters

Auteur: D.C. Alden

Broché: 234 pages

Date de sortie: April 24, 2018

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D.C. Alden avec Invasion: The Lost Chapters

In the English County of Surrey, a vengeful Palestinian migrant finally receives the call to Jihad he’s been longing for. His mission is a simple one – kill as many as you can.
In London, a desperate police officer finds himself cut off and alone, as deadly terror attacks ripple across the city, killing thousands and spreading chaos and fear.

The United States Ambassador, trapped inside his London embassy, is forced to make the toughest decision of his life as Jihadis storm the building in an orgy of death and violence.

Europe is already lost. Britain is falling fast. Chaos reigns.

The invasion has begun.

The Lost Chapters is the thrilling companion novel to the original military thriller Invasion.

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